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To better understand how I can serve nonprofits and their responsibilities to outreach to the San Bernardino County community, I conducted a research study amongst a sample of 30+ nonprofits to learn more about their perspective of community outreach.

The Survey

As a result of this survey which provided actionable results, I pitched a workshop to Executive Management at First 5 San Bernardino and with partners at the American Advertising Federation-Inland Empire to address major concerns of nonprofits and their interest in outreach strategy. With an open programming date of January that was riding the buzz of the Super Bowl, I produced "Game Plan for Nonprofits" a sports-themed full-day workshop that walked nonprofit professionals through developing an informed strategy of outreach for their new year. 


Key Responses

Who Responded

Types of Nonprofit Organizations

Desired Resources

Key Insights

  • Nonprofits Wanted Training

  • Nonprofits Wanted to Communicate with Each Other

Based on insights provided in the survey results, I pulled together a full-day workshop by calling in the expertise of professionals in various communications fields and organizing resources for nonprofits to reference as a toolkit.

Workshop Design



  • Sold out event

  • Revenue for event exceeded sales for typical monthly series for American Advertising Federation-Inland Empire

  • Garnered premium sponsorship from regional news media outlet

  • 100% participation rate from panelists, including media publishing editors, corporate communication representatives and other executive leadership in media, sales, and higher education institutions.

  • Word-of-mouth buzz and feedback exceeded expectations, reaching Executive Leadership with positive reviews

  • Requests for Playbook and presentations based on the workshop received from representatives of local and federal organizations post-event