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Landing Page & Digital Marketing Campaign

Hubspot Landing Pages Platform
UX/UI Optimization
Leaderboard Ad Design

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Web Design & Digital Ads

Graphic Design
Web Design Layout


SixFifty | Company Website

Theme Customization


Billy Ross, Realtor

Theme Customization
IDX Implementation


University of Redlands - Center for Business GIS and Spatial Analysis

Content Migration from Legacy Website on Red Dot CMS to current EpiServer platform. Optimized layout and content features.


First 5 San Bernardino

Designed web interface of First 5 San Bernardino website on a Dot Net Nuke CMS platform to appeal to various key stakeholders and highlight strategic messaging around funding and impact.

Graphic Design


Celebrating Fatherhood

For a fatherhood-focused event, I created the following event branding for postcards and flyers.


Promoting Product Solutions

For a treasury solutions provider, I provided graphic design and copywriting support to reach key customers.


White Paper Design & Layout

Provided graphic design for a white paper & case study to emphasize value around innovative treasury solutions.

Brand & Sponsorship Activation

Talk, Read, Sing

Based on a marketing & communications plan I produced for the organization, we changed the way our community engagement department outreached to children and families by creating an interactive environment at special events to highlight our key messaging around early literacy.

Brand & Sponsorship Activation at All Things Kids Expo

First 5 San Bernardino Brand & Sponsorship Activation at the All Things Kids Expo in Rancho Cucamonga, CA produced by regional brand media outlet Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Brand Activation at Special Events

First 5 San Bernardino participates in more than 100 events annually, engaging approximately 7,000 parents and children per year through special events around the County of San Bernardino.

Talk, Read, Sing Themed Brand Activation

Historically, First 5 San Bernardino would set up an exhibit table to pass out information and promotional items to parents while providing an opportunity to answer questions about funded programs and services offered around the county. To be more impactful towards our goals of encouraging parents to increase the value and practice of early literacy development with children ages 0-5, we set up a space to Read with chairs and books; Talk while they play a game or perform an interactive activity and Sing with instruments and space provided to make their own music. 

  • Exhibit included a custom wrapped van with a playful Talk, Read, Sing theme including representation of diversity in ethnicity and physical abilities

  • Signage outlining the different activities for early literacy development "Lets Talk!" "Let's Read!" "Let's Sing!" in English & Spanish

  • Potter the Otter mascot appearances and book giveaways at the reading pods

  • Interactive stations that incorporated color, number, shapes and other early literacy and motor skills activities for all stages of early childhood

  • Scalable setup that can be adjusted per space permitted at special events

  • Event Staffing with AmeriCorps Volunteers and other volunteer staff to engage children in games, activities, and story times.



Annual Reports

When First 5 San Bernardino wanted more vibrant presentations of their annual impact and evaluations data created in partnership with consultants Harder + Company,  I produced 8-page layouts filled with color and iconography to help readers visualize and consume data with ease. 

Brand & Marketing Communications

For a nonprofit that facilitates dialogue between African American men and women to improve relationships with each other, I produced a marketing outline for their public relations and revenue generation interests to sustain the organization's operations. Below is an excerpt of key concepts in the plan. Additional assets were created for marketing and branding below. 


Growing An Audience:
Landing Page & Facebook Ads

I created a Facebook Ad campaign for the brand to target a specific audience and grew their following by 23.78% in 18 days with a relevancy score of 8.

Copywriting for Social Media: Pop Culture & Relationships Blog


Facebook Ad

-Video Editing & Sound Design
-Audience Targeting
-Copywriting for Mobile, Desktop, and other platforms.

Stationery Design & Print


Event Advertising & Photography


Radio Advertisement

Script for a :30 sec radio advertisement promoting annual water safety event written by Leslie Fountain airing on the top rhythmic station in the Riverside-San Bernardino Metro (DMA). 

Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising




Event Photography

Brand Development & Management

A realtor & broker wanted to craft an authentic identity to reflect sophistication, quality, and approachability. Under my business SixFifty, I created a brand identity for Billy Ross, Realtor and direct his firm's marketing communications. 

Ad Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns in Print, Out-Of-Home, Social Media, and Television

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20th Anniversary Campaign

Video ad promotions on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram helped our mass media campaign in Television, Print & Out-Of-Home reach 5.5 million impressions.

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Oral Health Campaign

Print, Out-Of-Home & Social Media Messaging Campaign reached more than 1.1 million impressions. Media buys included placements in local and ethnic media for Hispanic and African-American newspapers and malls.


Executive Communication

Copywriting and communications created for public officials and executive directors.


Public Official e-Newsletters

Copywriting and content for e-mail newsletters on behalf of a Board of Trustee member for a regional Community College District.


Campaigning for Change

An executive professional wanted to create an e-mail campaign to get elected to lead a prominent medical association. I created a series of persuasive e-mail content writing, an e-mail graphic summarizing his advocacy points, and a landing page with a hero background of original photography for members to access his biography and campaign video.

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Custom Header Design, Photography, & Content Writing

Executive Director Report content writing and design produced for public government meetings.

- Adobe Photoshop
- Apple Pages (Legacy Format)
- Copy & Editing Support for Executive Director with original content writing for newsletter


Reports & Strategic Plan Design

Developed brand system for strategic plan and annual budget books produced for executive and public communication on behalf of appointed commissioners, executive directors, and management.

Budget Book Report

Radio Scripts & Production

Script Writing & Production Coordination: A home buying workshop :15 second radio advertisement, written by Leslie Fountain, sourcing talent and audio background track.

Script Writing: A :30 second radio advertisement for drowning prevention and water safety awareness written by Leslie Fountain.

Script Writing: A :30 second radio advertisement for AmeriCorps recruitment written by Leslie Fountain.

Interview Content Development: For an interview with K-FROG Radio 95.1FM, I created the interview questions and provided talking points for executive management to discuss initiatives and key messages on Fatherhood in San Bernardino County.

Event Coordination & Market Research

Event Design, Branding, and Coordination


To better understand how I can serve nonprofits and their responsibilities to outreach to the San Bernardino County community, I conducted a research study amongst a sample of 30+ nonprofits to learn more about their perspective of community outreach.

The Survey

As a result of this survey which provided actionable results, I pitched a workshop to Executive Management at First 5 San Bernardino and with partners at the American Advertising Federation-Inland Empire to address major concerns of nonprofits and their interest in outreach strategy. With an open programming date of January that was riding the buzz of the Super Bowl, I produced "Game Plan for Nonprofits" a sports-themed full-day workshop that walked nonprofit professionals through developing an informed strategy of outreach for their new year. 


Key Responses

Who Responded

Types of Nonprofit Organizations

Desired Resources

Key Insights

  • Nonprofits Wanted Training

  • Nonprofits Wanted to Communicate with Each Other

Based on insights provided in the survey results, I pulled together a full-day workshop by calling in the expertise of professionals in various communications fields and organizing resources for nonprofits to reference as a toolkit.

Workshop Design



  • Sold out event

  • Revenue for event exceeded sales for typical monthly series for American Advertising Federation-Inland Empire

  • Garnered premium sponsorship from regional news media outlet

  • 100% participation rate from panelists, including media publishing editors, corporate communication representatives and other executive leadership in media, sales, and higher education institutions.

  • Word-of-mouth buzz and feedback exceeded expectations, reaching Executive Leadership with positive reviews

  • Requests for Playbook and presentations based on the workshop received from representatives of local and federal organizations post-event

Strategic Communications

Campaign Concept Pitch Deck

An event with devastating circumstances prompted an organization to inquire what they could do to help families with small children.  I proposed that it was important to help families understand how to work with the emotions and perspectives of small children who are processing violence and the social impact that results from a traumatic occurrence. The following campaign concept, key messages, research, and imagery were pitched as a solution.

Event Branding & Photography

Award-winning design for annual early literacy festival for children ages 0-5. It was important to demonstrate inclusive representation of ages and ethnicities that were target audiences for school readiness in the County of San Bernardino.


Event Branding

Logo, Color Scheme, and Inclusive Imagery. 

Talk. Read. Sing.® is a registered trademark of First 5 California.


Event Branding

Additional elements for Talk. Read. Sing.® theme. Standing banners for separate interactive event spaces.

Social Media Impressions

Event Photography

Logo Design


Proposed Concept

The City of Santa Monica approached the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles for a logo for their most historic resource. The logo had to include elements of the City of Santa Monica logo and reflect the cemetery's unique features. The following logo was proposed and selected for adaptation into the City of Santa Monica's final logo.


Adapted Concept & Official  Logo

City of Santa Monica's Woodlawn Cemetery